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New solar and battery storage technology such as the Tesla Powerwall and Alpha ESS systems have completely changed the way solar brings down your electricity bills.  By connecting your solar panels to a battery storage system you can use your solar power when you need it - not just when the sun is shining.  


This allows you to bring down your electricity bills by up to 90% if you're connected to the grid, or eliminate it completely by cutting the cord and getting a standalone off-grid system.  


They key to these systems is designing it properly.  If you use a lot of power at night then you may need a large battery pack, but if you don't, or you can do things to use more power during the day then you only need a small battery pack.  


As certified designers and installers of solar and battery storage systems, we can help you understand what's available and what will give you the best results for your unique energy usage profile. 

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